Ezra Miller Source

EST 2009 | REOPENED 2016 (Formerly Ezra Miller Fan)

Ezra Miller Source can now be found at EzraMiller.org! We will no longer be using the .us address and I have switched everything over to the new url. Our twitter handle has also changed so if you were already following us, you will now see EzraMiller_Org instead of EzraMiller_Us and if you aren’t following, now’s a great time to do so!



I’ve added captures of Ezra in his role from City Island to the image gallery. Enjoy!

0006.jpg 0038.jpg 0098.jpg 0193.jpg

Gallery Link:



After a few months offline due to various reason, including our old host losing all of our files, I have relaunched the site. Please bare with me while I get the pages redone and the gallery filled back up. I will be focusing on the gallery first and foremost and then I will go back to working on the pages! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and share this post with others to stay up to date.